Third Generation (3G) grass is the latest in artificial sports surfacing. It looks very close to natural grass and allows the user to play winter contact sports i.e. rugby and football without fear of the injuries caused on less suitable sand based synthetic surfaces. It is an ideal surface for rugby training as it allows scrummaging and tackling without damaging players and more importantly the most valuable commodity your natural grass pitches.

We have laid several surfaces to date and because we do not align ourselves to one manufacturer we are able to provide impartial advise on the most suitable surface for your needs be it a longer pile for rugby or a shorter pile for football and low grade hockey use.

As with any sports facility the construction i.e. what goes on beneath the surface is as important if not more important than the final surface. We use our vast experience of drainage and sub base construction to ensure whatever surface is put down will be free from undulations, avoid any sinkage and settlement and will drain freely. Installation of the surfaces is by our own in-house team, we use a Hot Melt Glue System during fitting and infill is installed either with our tractor towed spreader unit and purpose made brush or via a Sandmatic unit which spreads and brushes in one operation.

3G surface need to be maintained to a high level to allow them to perform as new, we will provide detailed maintenance information for your own in house staff or we can provide specialist maintenance on a contract basis.