South Wales Sports Grounds has over 40 years experience in laying sports field drainage. The combination of upto date plant and equipment operated by our own skilled workforce means we can install drainage systems on existing pitches precisely making the optimum use of falls available. 

All of our plant is fitted with Low Ground Pressure tyres or wide tracks which help to avoid unnecessary damage to the surface when installing drainage runs. In addition to primary systems we own and operate sandslitting and gravel banding plant, allowing us to install secondary drainage systems.

Investments in digital surveying equipment means we can survey sites, download them and produce detailed level plans allowing efficient drainage systems to be designed in-house.

Our range of earthmoving plant, excavators, dumpers and graders all fitted with LGP tyres and tracks, mean we can tackle large multi sports pitch sites or smaller developments. We always use our own machine operators and specialist plant to carry out final trimming works, this enables us to keep a tight control on quality.