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Artificial Surfaces

Third Generation (3G)

Third Generation (3G) grass is the most common artificial sports pitch construction in recent years as it looks very close to natural grass yet allows the user to play throughout the year with minimal or even no games cancelled due to the weather. This virtual certainty in games going ahead no matter the weather provides consistency and reassurance to players and fans and also helps to reduce the risk of loss of revenue from cancelled fixtures.

In addition to the safety of less cancelled games a 3G pitch facility can provide a source of income from hiring the surface out to local teams for matches/training and to the local community.

3G surfaces can also provide a surface for winter contact sports i.e. rugby and football without fear of the injuries caused on less suitable artificial sand based synthetic surfaces or waterlogged/frozen natural pitches. It is an ideal surface for rugby training as it allows scrummaging and tackling without causing player injury or damage to your natural grass pitch.

Laying 3G surfaces consistently for the last 15 years, South Wales Sports grounds have experience of 3G surface installations from there their first appearance of the market to the latest surface technologies available to date. As we do not align ourselves to one manufacturer, we are able to provide impartial advise on the most suitable surface for your current and future needs.

Often, 3G surfaces form part of an overall construction completed by SWSG inclusive of Earthworks, drainage, fencing, lighting and much more providing a perfect surface for clubs, schools or professional teams to utilise as needed and hire out to the local community when available.

We use our vast experience of drainage and sub base construction to ensure whatever surface is put down will be free from undulations, avoid any sinkage and settlement and will drain freely. Installation of the surfaces is by our own in-house team with the knowledge and experience required for the best surface installation.

3G surfaces need to be maintained to a high level to allow them to perform as new and maintain a surfaces compliance with a manufacturers’ warranty, we will provide detailed maintenance information for your own in-house staff, or we can provide specialist maintenance on a contract basis.

Artificial – Sand Dressed / Filled

Since the early 1990s we have been installing sand-filled and sand dressed surfaces throughout the region. With well over 100 surface installations to our name ranging from sand-filled surfaces on a dynamic base to high specification sand dressed surfaces laid onto shockpads and engineered bases we have learnt a considerable amount about the benefits of artificial sand dressed surfaces. The need for good sound drainage and base construction are paramount for any surface and the skills and experience we have gained from the construction of Natural Grass have been transferred into our synthetic surfaces.

We are one of the only sports-field surface contractors to not rely on subcontract carpet installers. We have our own skilled operatives who have been installing carpets for over 25 years.

Despite the rise of 3G technology, sand dressed surfaces are still as popular as ever especially for hockey and tennis. The reduced maintenance requirements make the surfaces very popular in schools, communities or harder to reach areas along with the sand dressed surfaces often have a longer than average artificial lifespan, they often provide a more cost-effective solution

Where contact sports are not required, sand dressed surfaces can provide a lasting surface that can be laid and line marked to suit small sided games in addition to full-size match-play.