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Both large and small scale earthworks is one of the specialist tasks South Wales Sports Grounds can carry out with over 50 years-experience with cut and fill, surface grading, banks, bunds and batters construction in addition to the other activities we are best known for. With constant investment in new technologies, plant and machine control systems we can construct and level a multi plateau site to the finest of tolerances to achieve construction targets outlined by clients, architects or our own inhouse design and survey team.

Investments in digital surveying equipment means we can both design and carry out an Earthworks project as well as capture the progress of an earthworks scheme and produce detailed level plans controlling construction quality and to provide a picture of progress.

Our range of earthmoving plant, excavators, dumpers and graders all fitted with Low Ground Pressure tyres and tracks, mean we can tackle large multi sports pitch sites and smaller developments. We always use our own machine operators and specialist plant to carry out trimming works, this enables us to keep a tight control on quality.

With a fleet of Dozers, dumpers, tractors and trailers and experienced staff no job is too big. With past experiences of moving thousands of cubic metres of materials, your earthworks project will be safe with our trained site staff, experience management teams and our overall due care and attention to the finer details of an Earthworks mission.