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Hybrid Technology is the one of the newest sports playing surfaces and represents one of the most common playing facilities for higher end sporting venues. Hybrid surfaces make up the pitches at every major football and rugby tournaments around the world.

Hybrid Turf systems combine 95% natural with 5% artificial to create a surface blending the playing characteristics of a natural surface that players prefer, with the stability and durability of an artificial. The surfaces’ installation has all the major features of premium surface’s including stone, sand and rootzone layers as well as irrigation, drainage and aeration infrastructures. The key difference being the final surface is stitched vertically with artificial strands for the root structures to bind onto so to provide a horizontal and sheer strength.

As a of Support in Sport (SIS), South Wales Sports Grounds construct hybrid surfaces from the ground up, inclusive of the foundation and civils infrastructure. Once the surface is seeded and fertilised, SIS Pitches can install their patented SISGrass product ready for play both training and competitive shortly after.

Hybrid Facilities need annual renovations, as with other top end facilities, which we can provide as part of our service. For renovation services click here.