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Natural Surface

Natural grass pitches and playing fields are the backbone of recreation amongst schools and sports clubs. The high demands placed on such facilities means as with any specialist installation it is important to ensure that the construction methods will ultimately provide you with the right quality installation with the minimum of cancelled fixtures. We design and build to current regulations for the design of sports pitches

Because the climate in this country is often less than desirable careful consideration of every aspect of the construction is needed.

  • Consider the existing natural terrain, invest in a contractor with the machinery and experience to level the site without fear of future complication
  • Consider the soil characteristics, we can advise you on the likely performance of the existing soil as a drainage medium and as a sports surface
  • Consider what drainage is required
  • Consider incorporating imported materials such as free draining rafts beneath the surface, modified soil to improve playing characteristics and top dressing materials to keep the surface in the best possible condition.
  • Consider erecting perimeter fencing to protect your facility, we carry out full design and erection service in-house.
  • Consider the blend of seed best suited to the particular sport, we can advise on all the available blends.
  • Consider what maintenance you will need to carry out post construction

Our extensive knowledge built up since 1964 means we can design and build natural grass surfaces to meet any performance criteria. This experience means we haven’t seen a soil type or site that cannot be carefully developed to provide a top class, durable facility whatever standard of play is required.